What Separates Great IT Consulting Companies From Bad Ones?


In case your company will quickly be performing interviews with IT consulting companies, be ready for all IT companies to appear exactly the same in certain major ways. Number 1, all IT consultants will sell you the concept that their solutions are the most useful. # 2, every IT consultant will explain the in advance price is well worth the lengthy-term rewards. And number 3, nearly every IT consultant will appear like they are fully aware what they are speaking about, their understanding from the IT arena which makes it difficult that you should prove otherwise. So, when every IT consultant that you simply interview starts to appear like God’s gift towards the IT world, how can distinguish an IT company that walks its talk in one that simply talks and talks? Based on individuals who’ve seen the very best and worst results the IT world provides, you will find three criteria that separate great IT consulting companies from bad ones.

Needs Assessments

Before an advisor proposes specific solutions, she must conduct a needs assessment of the company to understand precisely what individuals solutions ought to be. Needs assessments generally concentrate on the following areas, amongst others: human sources, competition, company revenue, share of the market and positioning, customer comments, management feedback, staffing and worker turnover and company mission, objectives and goals. Essentially, an excellent consultant examines your organization of all the position to reach solution that will not throw a wrench within the gears somewhere lower the road. If your consultant does not propose a needs assessment, it most likely means 1 of 2 things: the consultant wants to create a quick purchase or even the consultant is unfairly knowing your organization according to companies that she or he offered previously.

Probing Questions

Because nearly every company includes a different mission and hang of objectives and goals, in addition to a different past, the very first duty of the IT consultant would be to ask plenty of probing questions that have to do with all areas of the needs assessment. Just like your organization begins the IT consulting process being unsure of what methods to expect, a genuine IT consultant begin the talking to process being unsure of what methods to offer. However the more questions an advisor asks the greater what you want makes picture. Make no mistake: an advisor that does not ask many questions is not somebody who has everything determined, but somebody who has an incorrect feeling of confidence, when they even worry about the very best solution to begin with.

Generic Solutions

Sometime throughout your company’s IT consultations, you might stumbled upon a consultant who only offers solutions that you have already heard about (i.e. off-the-shelf hardware and software). While off-the-shelf products usually can offer companies a stride of success, they are not tailored to satisfy a company’s specific needs as revealed by a detailed needs assessment, the reason for employing an IT consultant to begin with. Oftentimes, an advisor who peddles off-the-shelf- solutions is employed by a company which has a business relationship using the maker of individuals solutions, and therefore the consultant is much more of the sales rep than the usual true IT consultant.

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